WhatsApp video

WhatsApp video

WhatsApp has been governing the chat and texting scene for years. what else? Recently active voice calls also. As if all this were not enough, WhatsApp plans to introduce a video function also. This will be competing directly with Skype and Viber – or at least so the news has! Such rumours have been doing the rounds for some time. However, a commitment confirmed in WhatsApp no release of its function of thanks.

The feature of WhatsApp video

News says that the video call feature could be introduced after the function of voice calls has been established worldwide as a good and universal platform WhatsApp and expected that these free video calls. The news came to be large especially a piece indicating WhatsApp video was launched on April 1 and this became a viral!

WhatsApp vs Skype video video

The fact that WhatsApp calls are best that Skype is currently contentious WhatsApp call quality is not very good. Skype is on a different level all together primarily with its reengineering and improvisations in recent years and if the WhatsApp video connection will exceed that of Skype is still debatable. One only has to wait and see.

The success of the video WhatsApp

It’s a bit about the prediction and more about the trend. WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook, the social network best known for a large sum of $19 billion. Since the acquisition, WhatsApp bug fixes have been made along one end to another with encryption, your State and last numbers seen online have been resolved and to high up to the voice of call has been introduced. Know the model of sustainability of Facebook and its amazing Messaging channel, people are unsure that a combined view of release of video on WhatsApp will receive a quick tilt of head very soon… since it is seen as an ambition of Facebook and WhatsApp – of being the most essential communication tools of the digital age!

Install Whatsapp Messenger
Install Whatsapp Messenger


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