Whatsapp Messenger App

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is nothing new to anyone! Which has a phone, have WhatsApp Messenger – well, almost! This not so alien refers to the application of mobile messaging platform that is similar to text messaging, but not the amount charged by SMS. It is a right available to all smart phones Messenger for Blackberry, Nokia and Android phones to iPhones and other phones from Windows.

WhatsApp Messenger works

What makes this so special Messenger is that you can easily download the world blackberry, game of Google or iTunes, depending on the phone you have. It is the most important application and the most integral part of the existence of one of these days, for the exchange of messages, photos and clippings, audio and video files and to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, people without having to pay for SMS charges nationally or internationally. This is because the same plan of internet, 3G or wifi that is already running on the phone for other applications can be used for WhatsApp Messenger. There is no need for a separate package or plan.

Why people use WhatsApp Messenger?

With more than 700 million active users, there has always been much expectation around WhatsApp Messenger and its services. Offers immense features, possibilities for adjustment of status, a group of smileys, chat groups, transmission of messages and location, as well as the implementation in common usual multimedia file, instant messaging, offline messages, contacts sharing and wallpapers of customization and notification sounds. On the other hand, there is a cumbersome registration of entry and exit of WhatsApp process involved. One is recorded forever on.

With facebook acquire WhatsApp in 2014, things got even better. The number of users has been increasing and will continue to do so up to WhatsApp Messenger is still captivating the masses. This immensely popular Messenger has taken the navigation to the next level. With the chats appear in bubbles, it becomes easy to follow the trail of messages. Additional outstanding features include timestamp for ‘read’ messages and notifications.