Descarga WhatsApp Messenger

Download WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger has been, by far, the most popular free SMS messaging service and now asks. This channel of cross-platform text messages not just talks, but group emails, calls and media file sharing also allows.
This application free communication for mobile devices has been developed by WhatsApp  Once downloaded, it synchronizes the contacts on your device and SMS free and calls can be made to devices that have WhatsApp installed on them also. The discharge of this Messenger is not rocket science; only a few easy to follow steps.

WhatsApp Messenger works

What makes this so special Messenger is that you can easily download the world blackberry, game of Google or iTunes, depending on the phone you have. It is the most important application and the most integral part of the existence of one of these days, for the exchange of messages, photos and clippings, audio and video files and to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, people without having to pay for SMS charges nationally or internationally. This is because the same plan of internet, 3G or wifi that is already running on the phone for other applications can be used for WhatsApp Messenger. There is no need for a separate package or plan.
How to download WhatsApp Messenger
To download WhatsApp Messenger on your phone windows, simply launch the application ‘market’ on the device, and select the Messenger of search results. A page describing the Messenger will be shown on the screen. When you click the installation icon, WhatsApp will start the download and hard to take a few minutes.

To download the same Messenger on your iPhone, go to iTunes and search for WhatsApp Messenger. Click on “install” after the necessary permit and will download without problems, to synchronize all contacts who have WhatsApp on their phones.

Download WhatsApp Messenger from their website

WhatsApp Messenger can be downloaded from the official site of WhatsApp also – Therefore the Internet browser of the device has to be put in place. When you click on “Download now”, will be redirected to the download from the type of device, including Blackberry, Android, Nokia, iPhone, compatible with the phone etc.

Download WhatsApp Messenger on your device Android, is support for OS 2.1 or higher installed on the device for best compatibility. The steps are more or less the same. The Messenger be downloaded is available at the game store and can be downloaded after the granting of access and permissions. Once done, click on install and the Green WhatsApp icon will appear on the home screen. Add to Favorites or according to choice.