What is Whatsapp 2019

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for smartphones that has won popularity in the market until become the first of its kind. This app started to appear on the App Stores some years ago on 2008 but has been so popular since 2012 when the most of people started to use the devices with Android operative system or the Apple smartphones iPhone. WhatsApp is an app really simple to use and has a lot of benefits for its users. By installing this amazing app you can send instant messages, include emoji, send photos and videos; also you can share contacts cards, share your location, send voice notes and with the last update you can call you contacts for free. And the good news are now you can enjoy all of this easier in your PC using WhatsApp for PC Because of this and a lot more everybody is using WhatsApp.

If you want to install WhatsApp in your smartphone you just need to follow those simple steps. At first you need to go to the App Store, if you are using an Android device go to the Play Store. Introduce in the share box the name of the app and tap on the first option. Then you must tap on the Install button and wait until the unloading finish. When it’s installed on your phone tap the icon to start the registration. At first you need to fill the box with your phone number because all WhatsApp works with it. You will receive a text message with a confirmation code you need to introduce on the next step of the registration. You are almost ready, just introduce your name and start using this awesome app.

If you are using an Apple device go to the iStore and find the app on the share box. For iOs WhatsApp isn’t free so you need to pay just 0.99 USD to install the app. After accept the purchase the app will start installing on your iPhone and follow the same previous steps to use all the benefits that WhatsApp offer to its users.

If you are using another device like Blackberry, Nokia or Windows phone just go to the App Store of every operative system and follow the steps.

One awesome thing about the latest upgrades of WhatsApp is that now you can enjoy of all the benefits like chatting, send images, videos, voice notes and everything from your PC using WhatsApp for PC. This is great for those who use the PC more than the smartphone and make simple the instant messaging because using this tool you can avoid wasting time checking your phone while using the PC. Use WhatsApp for PC is pretty simple. At first you need to go to web.whatsapp.com in your internet browser. There will charge a QR code you need to scan with your device.

If you are using an Android device you must go to the option on the WhatsApp app and look for the WhatsApp Web button. The camera will start for you to scan the QR code. This is the same for Nokia devices and Windows Phone.

Using an iPhone go to the setting on the app and look for the WhatsApp web button, scan the QR code and start using WhatsApp for PC.

For Blackberry go to the chats, press the blackberry button and look for the WhatsApp Web option and scan the QR Code. For the Blackberry 10 go to the WhatsApp app, slide the top of the screen and tap the WhatsApp Web option to scan de code and use WhatsApp for PC.

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