To download whatsapp you must follow these steps

When we talk about WhatsApp, the whole world knows what we are talking about: the most famous and known cross platform messaging app that connects you with all your friends and relatives in real time and for free.

WhatsApp is slowly improving or changing the way we communicate with our beloved ones and the use we give to our cell phones. In the past, a lot of people thought you needed a lot of money to call overseas and talk for hours with someone, but now the only thing you need is a smart phone with a number and Wi-Fi or a data plan. You can talk for hours and nothing will be charged.

It began in 2009 like an app that only could deliver messages to phones of different brands at a very low cost, one dollar a year or something alike; but after a while it went free for everyone and they incorporated more and more functions. Nowadays, WhatsApp is used for messaging, sending pictures, voice notes, geolocation, videos and many more things.

Now it is used by everybody and for everything. You could use it for being nearer to the important people to you or, thanks to its end to end encryption, you could even use it for business or state secrets; there is no way anyone can know what you are texting about, not even WhatsApp itself.

Steps to download Whatsapp 2019

 Download and installing WhatsApp is very easy to do, especially for Android phones. If you want to get the most updated version of WhatsApp, then you should go with the one that is available on Google Play where the most stable version is offered.

If you feel like a little riskier they you should google “WhatsApp beta version” and you will be taken to Google Play, where you can activate an option to have always the beta version of WhatsApp updates.

This is great because you will have always the newest release of the messaging app, but it can also be bad, because as they are beta versions they are not completely stable and some bugs might come out while texting or calling.

Now without further ado, WhatsApp app download 2016. In order to download and install WhatsApp the only thing you should do is to follow these steps and you will be sharing with your friend and relatives in a snap.

  1. Get your android device and unlock it.
  2. Open the main menu and then Google Play. To do so tap on an icon similar to this one .
  3. Tap on the box that says search and write WhatsApp and then hit the magnifier icon .  There is no need in finishing writing the word because it will appear on the drop down menu you will see.
  4. You will see a list of apps, select the one you are looking for.
  5. Now tap on the install button. It looks similar to this one.
  6. Wait until it is completely installed
  7. The install button now has turned into a “open” button.
  8. Launch the app
  9. follow the instructions on how to set up your WhatsApp.

The setting up phase is really easy, since the app has a wizard that will guide you through the whole process in the most intuitive and natural way. There is no way you can mess it up, so don’t be afraid to explore and see what WhatsApp has to offer.

Create groups with your relatives, one for your friends, and another one for the party of every Friday night, what you do with WhatsApp is not important as long as you keep connected and in communication.

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