Whatsapp for Windows 10

WhatsApp the best application for Movil

Up until now the second best app for communication was Telegram, right behind WhatsApp, the only advantage or opportunity Telegram really had to surpass WhatsApp was the fact that they had a native app for your desktop, but now it seems that WhatsApp does not wish to be left behind because the Facebook-owned chat app is believed to be developing an app just for these kind of operating system making it even more accessible for people if you don’t have a phone where to download it or your usual phone is not working properly.

The amazing messenger app launched the web interface that mirrors the messages that are on your smartphone and you could be able to keep messaging people through your PC back in 2015, all you had to do was scan your QR code in the app to connect it to your computer, so you’re able to work from there.

But the point of these desktop app is to remove these steps completely. So you will only need to download the app which is currently available on the Windows Store and ready for the latest version of the Redmond operative system. And thankfully the interface doesn’t look too different from the original page so it won’t be too complicated for those who are used to the web version and it will just be easier to obtain for those who have never even used the web version.


  • Apparently it will include a new voicemail service in both the Android and iOS versions of the app. The app already included Voice Over IP phone calls so this addition is pretty obvious but really appreciated.
  • It is also rumored that they plan to include an instant call back button. The call back feature will appear as a notification so when you see it you can tap it whenever you want to and immediately return any missed calls.
  • Also if you wanted to leave a message in someone’s voicemail, it will let you record the message and you would be able to listen to it before you decide whether you want to send it or not. So if you don’t like it you can delete that and record a new one.

How to use it on Windows 10

The question many people ask after this is how can you download it, and once it is in your computer what do I need to know to be able to use it and here I can tell you what to do:

Whatsapp for windows 10
Whatsapp for windows 10

First of all you need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer (I know some people don’t love this app but it is one of the few that are compatible with the WhatsApp Web page) because thanks to this app you can enter WhatsApp in Windows as if it was an app.

Once you get in Google Chrome you’ll need to enter web.whatsapp.com and then you will see where you can still use it as the web version because the biggest thing you’ll see is where to scan the code, right underneath you will see the options of what kind you might want to open it like Blackberry, Android, or a Windows phone.

Whatsapp in your phone

There you have to follow the instructions that will appear on the screen so you can be able to link your Chrome session with your WhatsApp account. Open Whatsapp in your phone, go to menu and click on “WhatsApp Web” so you can scan the code. After doing this you will have linked your phone to the web app and you’ll be able to see all your contacts and messages on your computer.

You can only do that as long as your pc is on and connected to the interted, and if your phone is off or in airplane mode and you try to use WhatsApp web you will only see an error message.

How to pin it as an app

After doing all of this you will be perfectly able to use WhatsApp from your PC but if what you wish is to have the option to get in quicker after you’ve done this you can simple pin it on your taskbar, or on the Menu, so you can simply click on it once you’ve turned on your computer like it was an app. (This can also be done in both Windows 7 and Windows 8, in the same way that we’re showing you for Windows 10)

So what you’ll  need to do is go to the options menu in Chrome and then click on ‘Tools’ y finally click on ‘add to the taskbar’. After clicking on this you a message box will appear and there you will mark the ‘open like a window’ box and then click on ‘Add’.

Finally even after you have done all of this,  if you have Windows 10 this app won’t be added directly to the taskbar, but it will be on the ‘recently added’ section on the home menu. Once you go there you can pin it on the home page with a live tile, or to the taskbar so like that you will be easier for you to access to this service

Where you can’t use it

Something that you will need to know is that at the moment the WhatsApp Web app is not compatible on iPhone, so you’ll only be able to do this is you have an Android, Blackberry old Nokia S60-S40 or a Windows Phone.