WhatsApp Free and Price

WhatsApp Free and Price

 whatsapp price

WhatsApp is a chat application for mobile phones. It allows users to send text messages, photos, audio and video. It works just as many modern mobile instant-messaging services.

The identification in WhatsApp consists of each user’s mobile phone number. Simply knowing the number of someone will let you have that person in a contact list. It is imperative that both the sender and recipient have installed this application on their phone.

To use WhatsApp you must have or hire a mobile internet service. The messages are sent over the network to the recipient. Not all phones can use this application. The first requirement is to have a smartphone and therefore have a compatible operating system.

Within the smartphone range there are some devices that do not support the app. In the WhatsApp website you can view a list of compatible models. The program is free to download and use for 1 year. From the first year, an annual fee is paid.

If you want to pay for WhatsApp, you must submit $0.99 to WhatsApp. You can pay by accessing the WhatsApp main menu, then tapping Settings. There is no difference between free and paid WhatsApp. WhatsApp is based on communication, and the company does not like to sell content to advertisers. The subscription is a completely optional fee. You can choose not to pay and your free trial will be automatically extended. The subscription fees are accumulative and you will not lose your subscription if you choose to uninstall WhatsApp. The subscription fee is a way of collaboration that the developers have set to allow users to fully enjoy the service they offer without any limitation. The subscription allows the developers to receive at least some money from users that wish to make a payment. WhatsApp is a quality app that requires maintenance and consistent updates, so paying the fee surely helps developers to create better content and to fix existing problems.

The easiest way to install this application is to download it directly from the Whatsapp web site. Visit www.whatsapp.com from the browser on your mobile phone and download the version appropriate to your operating system. Note that WhatsApp is available for mobile iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and some versions of Nokia.

In general, WhatsApp is oriented to the smartphone type of system. Most modern smartphones allow users to install WhatsApp, but be sure to check in advance if you’re going to buy a new system.

Once you have chosen the version corresponding to your mobile device, WhatsApp will send you to the corresponding screen or download location. For example, if you selected the option to install WhatsApp for iPhone from your desktop computer, the WhatsApp website might open your iTunes program to download the program to your computer and then install it. Another way to download WhatsApp is to look for the application in mobile app store or your mobile phone.

Once you have downloaded the application, open it and follow the steps on screen to set it up. When you and your contacts have WhatsApp you will be ready to start chatting. From the message window, enter the phone number of the person you’re interested in talking to. Or to make it easier, you can import it from the contacts you already have.

If your friends already use Whatsapp, the application will automatically detect that they have an account and will indicate so in the Favorites section if you’re using an iPhone.

Now all you have to do is chat and start sharing content with them. WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application, so you won’t have any trouble finding people to talk to.