WhatsApp Download for Laptop

In the present article, I am going to explain some things about anapplication known as WhatsApp and its use. If you do not like technology so much, you probably do not know what WhatsApp is. If that is the case, do not worry. This article is to explain these details you may want to know about this interesting online tool.

First of all, we can define WhatsApp as a cross-platform instant messaging application, which has been created to send text messages, video calls, voice calls, music, sound files, videos, photos, images, and any kind of material to your contacts. This app was primarily designed for mobile devices, but now it is also available for computers. At the beginning, users were just allowed to communicate with other user individually or in groups which belonged to a particular user.

In September 2017, WhatsApp announced the launch of forthcoming business platform which allows companies to provide customer service to users at scale without any problem. All this data is end-to-end encrypted to avid any kind of problem.

WhatsApp Web

In January 2015, one of WhatsApp founders, Jan Koum, announced that WhatsApp was officially available for computers thanks to a web. This new feature was called WhatsApp Web. The idea of creating this online tool is that the WhatsApp user´s handset must be connected to the Internet for the browser application to work. You can use this app through all web browsers except for Internet Explorer. WhatsApp Web´s interface is lead by the default Android one.

WhatsApp download for laptop
WhatsApp download for laptop

In May 2015, the desktop version was available for Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Then, it is also available for Nokia Series 40, Nokia S60, and IOS. Furthermore, an unofficial app called WhatsAppTime (derived from WhatsApp Web,) which is a standard Win32 application for computers and. There are also similar solutions for macOS like the open source ChitChat and numerous wrappers in the App Store.

Windows and Mac

By 2016, the text messaging application was released for Windows and MacOS systems. At this time, WhatsApp does not allow audio or video calling from these operating systems yet. It is very similar to the WhatsApp Web, can be synced with a mobile phone, and can be downloaded on the website. In addition, it is available for OS versions of Windows 8 and OS X 10.9.

WhatsApp download for laptop

Even though you have the possibility to use WhatsApp on the web, it is released a desktop app for Windows and Mac. It is perfectly possible to set up and use this messaging application on any PC or laptop. The new desktop application will be very useful for many people because WhatsApp will not be required to take up a tab in your web browser. Your desktop app is just a simple extension of your mobile device, so your conversations and messages from your mobile device will appear in your laptop. It is as simple as that.

Advantages of using this app are many. This application includes proper native desktop notifications and keyboard shortcuts. The only thing you need is to have WhatsApp installed on tour phone and Windows 8 or higher.

How can Install WhatsApp on Mobile device

Messenger Whatsapp Download & Install

  • Minimum requirements to Install Whatsapp on Android:

    Android OS 2.1 as minimum
    You can connect by wifi or Plan megs of your operator
    It is not compatible with tablets to do this you must install Blue stacks

  • Minimum requirements to install whatsapp on Iphone:

    Iphone iOS 6.0 at least
    You can connect by wifi or Plan megs 3G of your phone

  • Minimum requirements to install whatsapp on Nokia:

    Download the latest WhatsApp 2.12.23 APK or Website Official Whatsapp
    Whatsapp Install Runing Nokia → Warning Accepte

  • Minimum requirements to install whatsapp on Windows:

    Windows Phone 7.5 at least
    Whatsapp Install Runing Nokia V.
    Connection 4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available

Foto Install Whatsapp Android
Install Whatsapp Android
Install Whatsapp Apple
Foto Install Whatsapp Apple
Foto Install Whatsapp Nokia
Install Whatsapp Nokia
Foto Install Whatsapp Windows
Install Whatsapp Windows





How to log in to WhatsApp

As WhatsApp uses your mobile number for authentication of account, it can be done in two WhatsApp account with a number.
To meet this condition, you have to delete your previous account or change the number on it.
Just go on the account menu and touch “Delete my account“.

If you are going to change your mobile and you want to delete your account, speak of his country, country code and phone number and press “Delete my account”
However, if you are changing the SIM card and you want to change your number, tap ‘number of change’
Enter your country code old and the number and then the new country code and phone number.
Once this is done, WhatsApp automatically transferred all its history of previous data and reconnect to the groups.

Normally, once they are enrolled in WhatsApp to stay connected permanently. Even if you are not using the application and is offline WhatsApp receives messages and means of communication and tells you in the Notifications bar. In this way, you’re really never closes the session, even without a connection to the Internet.

At the time of connecting your phone with an internet, will receive all messages and means of communication has been sent to you in his absence.

Last function seen in WhatsApp

When it is not using WhatsApp, its contacts can see the last time that WhatsApp demanded like its “last time” that gives them the idea of which in contact with you for the easy communication. In case you should change its mobile phone, you have to continue a few simple steps to initiate meeting again.