How to get Whatsapp sessions on different devices

WhatsApp session

WhatsApp is a cross-platform application messaging everyone nowadays uses to send and receive messages, audios and videos. However, if you are still new to WhatsApp, here are some simple steps to sign up for free and start using this competent application within a few minutes:

How to log into WhatsApp

First, an Internet connection is needed to register and use WhatsApp.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger from the warehouse game or anywhere else according to your operating system.
Once you download WhatsApp messenger, to be a new user you need to register first.

Signing up is easy, just enter your number with the country code.
Touch Yes / continue and a six-digit confirmation code will be sent to your mobile number which must be inserted in the following screen appeared on the mobile phone.

If for some reason this does not work, even you can request a phone call through which you will receive your confirmation code.

Once confirmed, your account will be activated.
Now, you can put your image to display if you want and enter its name, which is not a user name, but will be accessible to those people who have their contacts.

Once these things are done, you can begin using your WhatsApp account.
Those contact in your mobile phone numbers that are already in WhatsApp automatically begin to appear in the contact list on WhatsApp.

New features of WhatsApp

With the updated version of WhatsApp, send and receive texts, videos and audios, also you can use WhatsApp call function. Called WhatsApp allows you to always call anyone anywhere in the world and who are having a WhatsApp account. This function is totally free of cost, you only need an Internet connection on your mobile phone and you are good to go.
These tips will come by hand to fully enjoy the experience of WhatsApp.