WhatsApp video

WhatsApp video

WhatsApp has been governing the chat and texting scene for years. what else? Recently active voice calls also. As if all this were not enough, WhatsApp plans to introduce a video function also. This will be competing directly with Skype and Viber – or at least so the news has! Such rumours have been doing the rounds for some time. However, a commitment confirmed in WhatsApp no release of its function of thanks.

The feature of WhatsApp video

News says that the video call feature could be introduced after the function of voice calls has been established worldwide as a good and universal platform WhatsApp and expected that these free video calls. The news came to be large especially a piece indicating WhatsApp video was launched on April 1 and this became a viral!

WhatsApp vs Skype video video

The fact that WhatsApp calls are best that Skype is currently contentious WhatsApp call quality is not very good. Skype is on a different level all together primarily with its reengineering and improvisations in recent years and if the WhatsApp video connection will exceed that of Skype is still debatable. One only has to wait and see.

The success of the video WhatsApp

It’s a bit about the prediction and more about the trend. WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook, the social network best known for a large sum of $19 billion. Since the acquisition, WhatsApp bug fixes have been made along one end to another with encryption, your State and last numbers seen online have been resolved and to high up to the voice of call has been introduced. Know the model of sustainability of Facebook and its amazing Messaging channel, people are unsure that a combined view of release of video on WhatsApp will receive a quick tilt of head very soon… since it is seen as an ambition of Facebook and WhatsApp – of being the most essential communication tools of the digital age!

Install Whatsapp Messenger
Install Whatsapp Messenger


Like installing WhatsApp on PC

Installing WhatsApp on PC Windows

In this article will explain step to step as we have to install and can use WhatsApp in our PC, an application which know  that only works in the Smartphone and only can be installed in these, nevertheless, stop can realize the mentioned installation will have to have a mobile telephone, for like this can actuate it and can have this service, does not have importance if the cellular is of low range or a Smartphone , only will use it to actuate it with a number and afterwards will begin with the installation, also will need to have an account of Google.

It fits to highlight that with these steps not only will be able to attain install WhatsApp in our PC, but that also will be able to install any application that find  in Android, since we will download a program which will serve us like a species of emulator for Android, which will serve to use our PC as if it was a device Android.

Like installing WhatsApp in the PC
Like installing WhatsApp in the PC

Installing WhatsApp in your PC

  • The first step is to go in to the page web of Bluestacks, and download a program that they cater, this find available so much for Windows and for Mac, selected the most appropriate download for our operating system and downloaded it.
  • After having downloaded this program, looked for the installation in our folder of downloaded and executed it
  • Afterwards we give him to following, afterwards will see three cotejos, marked the three and give him to the button that says “install” that you find in the right inferior part.
  • After having him given to “install” this program began to install in our computer.
  • We will have to expect to that it finish to install in our computer, the process did not take more than 10 minutes.
  • Afterwards that it have completed the installation of this program this executed of automatic form and began to load.
  • After this will observe an interface in which will be able to observe some already installed applications with which comes the program by defect.
  • Now we have to give him click to the button that says “1-Click Sync”, afterwards will appear us a screen of configuration in which will configure this application of the correct form and will give him to following.
  • After having him given to following will appear us an assistant of configuration that helped us to configure our account of Google with this program, began to synchronize it, so we will give him click to following in the black screen that appears us.
  • After this will see the option to create an account in Google or initiate session if already had an account in Google, have to choose the option to initiate session if already have created an account in Google.
  • After this will have to place our name of user and our password of the account of Google.
  • After having entered of correct form our electronic post and our password, will say us that everything has been done properly and will have to give him click to the button that is in the inferior part right in which says “Finalize installation”.
  • Afterwards we will see the window that observed previously, now will ask us give click to following to begin to synchronize ours have our account of Google.
  • When it appears simply have to give him click to continue so that our accounts of Google can synchronize.
  • They will ask us our electronic post and our password and again write them and give him click to the button that says to access, afterwards lasted loading some moments, after it load, if we have had devices Android before configured in our account of Google will ask us that we choose one of these to take the configuration that contains this device, chose one and give him click to “Done” and afterwards to “Finish”.
  • Afterwards this same window that saw previously will appear again.
  • We will have to give click in where says “Lets go” and now will have to look for the WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger.
  • After this will appear a message of Google Play, give him click to continue.
  • After this will see the screen of start, will have to look for the term “WhatsApp for Android”, once that we find it give him click to install.
  • This sent us to Google Play to download it, will have to download it and afterwards install it.
  • After this will see the window to install WhatsApp and accepted and continued.
  • Afterwards it will ask us our mobile number as well as also our country, filled our information and give click in OK.
  • Now it verified our number mobile, sent us a code which is the one who will have to place and smart.
  • Already we will have WhatsApp installed in our PC, now only have to configure it placing our photo of profile our information to begin to use it.

The process is a bit long but have to take into account that it will be a big helps to have installed WhatsApp in our PC, especially if our mobile remain without battery.


Like installing WhatsApp in the PC
Like installing WhatsApp in the PC