How to Update Whatsapp Old Version Automatically

How to Update Whatsapp Old Version Automatically

Today we will tell you how to automatically update WhatsApp old version to the latest version available from the application. This way, if you are one of those who cannot wait to try out each new version that is coming out you will be sure to always have the latest version released by the application.

How to update Whatsapp old version automatically to the latest version on Android

What we are going to teach you to do is install Beta versions of WhatsApp, which are the trial versions whose features may take weeks to reach the official application store on Android. There are two ways to do this by targeting the beta on Google Play or automatically downloading the beta APKs.

These APKs are available on the official WhatsApp website, but it may take hours or days to reach the “official” beta testers targeted on Google Play. That’s why we’re going to propose an application called WhatsApp Beta Updater that automates official APK searches and installation.

First looks for Whatsapp old version in the Play Store

Whatsapp old version in the Play Store
Whatsapp old version in the Play Store

The first thing you have to do before complicate your life is to enter the web beta WhatsApp for Android. It explains that betas are tested versions that may have errors, and you just have to press the button Become a tester to be able to access them directly from Google Play.

Once pointed, when you enter the WhatsApp profile of the Google Play Store you can download the beta versions of WhatsApp as if it were conventional versions. It will promptly indicate if there is an update available, and in case of it will appear a button Update in the place where the Open is normally.

If you cannot wait, you always have the option of the WhatsApp Beta Updater. To download the application go to Google and choose the page that with you more security. This file you will have to install as we already teach you to do with the other .APK files. Be sure to make all the changes in your smartphone for external installation.

After installation

Once installed, the application will automatically notify you when a new version is available. And if you are anxious because a last version arrived, just opening it will proceed to look for new updates. Once you have one available you will only have to press the yellow button with the upside down arrow.

Doing this, the download will start. You will be presented with a screen telling you to Download WhatsApp with a progress bar, and you will have to wait until it is 100% full to proceed. The speed will depend on your connection, but it should not take more than a few seconds.

When the download finishes the mobile will simply ask you if you want to install the update as if it were an APK. If you do not have it enabled, during the process, you will be asked to enable installations of unknown sources in order to proceed. And that’s it, you’ll have the latest version of WhatsApp available on your phone without waiting for it to arrive on Google Play.