WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp APK

The APK package file or Android app is a file format used in the distribution and installation of software application, most games and applications as well as middleware to Google’s Android operating system. These files are mainly zip file packages with JAR file formats-based format and .apk have file extensions.

You can access various applications using the search and file download APK, including those who leaked ahead of time. These archives have a series of updates related to WhatsApp downloads. 02/12/38 WhatsApp is the latest version of WhatsApp APK download on April 14, 2015 and is easily compatible with android downloadable formats. It is a reliable source and a preferred mode of Google game download.

Age download WhatsApp APK’s

Whenever a new feature is introduced or light gradation of WhatsApp is made, a new APK file appears along with a track to download the latest version. Some earlier versions of WhatsApp download APK were 02/12/19-02/12/22, 02/12/23-12/02/25, etc.

How to download WhatsApp APK

In 2014, a new feature that allows users of WhatsApp to hide or disable your “last seen” was introduced via the APK file on the web site of WhatsApp. Made in an attempt to prevent the intrusion of privacy, this feature was initially available for iOS users until the Android APK file came into existence. Any Android support version 2.1 or higher could make use of this feature.

Steps to download WhatsApp APK

You can download APK files in a few simple steps. The APK file has to be downloaded to the computer and then copied on the Android phone’s internal memory or external SD card. One must allow that ‘Installation of apps (APK files)’ option from sources unknown in the settings tab and then enter the folder that contains the APK file to the device using file manager or file browser is file manager. Touching the APK WhatsApp file that starts the installation.