How can I use WhatsApp in my Desktop? Install, Use and Features with PC

WhatsApp is one of the most famous applications in the world. The main reason for WhatsApp is so popular is because this application replaces expensive SMS messages. With WhatsApp, you can send messages to your friends and family for free. The only two things you need are the application (which you can download for free on the App Store) and a stable Internet connection (either Wi-Fi or 3 G / 4 G).

For a long time, WhatsApp was only available for smartphones (Android, iOS, and Windows). Despite the fact that the it has been a great demand for a version for WhatsApp PC for years, the company did not know an official WhatsApp for the PC version. In January 2015 WhatsApp already could not bear the growing demand for a version for PC of WhatsApp, so it introduced a new application called ‘WhatsApp Web‘.

What is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web makes possible WhatsApp users to use the application on your computer. WhatsApp for PC will make use of your browser (Google Chrome), so you need to your browser in order to start chatting. It is also important that you have to verify your account WhatsApp WhatsApp Web in order to start using the web application. For the moment, it is only possible to use WhatsApp account on a device at a time. This means that it is not possible to use WhatsApp web (the WhatsApp for the PC version) and WhatsApp smart phone Android iPhone, at the same time. WhatsApp website was launched in January 2015 and since then the company has been working hard to improve the application. We think that it should be possible to use WhatsApp on several devices at the same time in the near future.

WhatsApp Web works on all computers, laptops and tablets. Of course, you can also use WhatsApp Web on your mobile phone, but that wouldn’t make any sense, since you can download the application free WhatsApp in the app store. WhatsApp website is absolutely free, this means that you will never have to pay for the use of the same. It is not yet clear if WhatsApp maintains this free service, or that going to charge its users in the near future. You will receive a notification by WhatsApp when you have to pay for the service Web WhatsApp.

How to log on WhatsApp Web?

Of course, you want to start using WhatsApp Web immediately and not fully understood that. In order to make it easier so you can access your Web WhatsApp account, we have created a small tutorial for you. Please follow all the steps of the tutorial to be able to access your Web WhatsApp account in just a few seconds. If you still have any questions about the web application WhatsApp or WhatsApp login process, we recommend enabling you to reach WhatsApp service team who will be happy to help you with all your questions. Enough talks, let’s see how we can begin to use WhatsApp Web right now!

In order to be able to follow this tutorial, you will need to have ready mobile phone where your WhatsApp account has been verified. Also requires a laptop computer or tablet with installed Chrome browser. In order to verify WhatsApp Web, the mobile phone must have the latest version of WhatsApp application. Be sure to update your application before you start to follow the tutorial Web WhatsApp.

How to update your Aplicaicón of WhatsApp

  1. The first step is to visit the web page Web WhatsApp, which you can reach through to go to the ‘’ URL or by searching for ‘Web WhatsApp’ in the Google search engine.
  2. The second step is to confirm that you are the owner of your mobile phone number, you have to scan the QR WhatsApp Web code to your mobile phone. Open the camera to WhatsApp, depending on your mobile phone device you will have to follow the steps for that:

    WhatsApp Web for Android

  3. The third step is to scan in reality the QR code to your mobile phone. After doing that it has verified successfully you is the real owner of the mobile number WhatsApp. You can now begin using WhatsApp to PC!

Alternatives for the Web – WhatsApp application for PC

Not you like to use WhatsApp on your web browser? There are still some other options you can try when you want to WhatsApp to your PC. The most famous by WhatsApp for PC platform is the ‘Bluestacks’ program, which makes it possible to develop applications of mobile telephony for Windows or Mac programs.

We have created a small tutorial for you on how to download WhatsApp to PC using the program ‘Bluestacks’. Please be sure to follow each step closely, this will prevent you making mistakes during the download process. In order to be able to follow this tutorial, you must have a laptop or a computer, a mobile phone with installed WhatsApp and the Bluestacks program.

  1. Download player BlueStacks Internet application and install on your computer or laptop.
  2. Locate “WhatsApp” in the search field, the application should pop up in your window.
  3. Once you have found WhatsApp, click on ‘Download‘, the application will begin to install.
  4. Check your mobile phone number. If you are currently using WhatsApp to your iPad, iPhone or Android device, you should choose another number from mobile phone to your PC. You can also switch between devices, but this is not recommended.
  5. Now you have downloaded successfully and you have installed WhatsApp for PC, enjoy this application on your computer!

Can I use WhatsApp Web for free?

WhatsApp decided that it is time to introduce a WhatsApp for the PC version in January 2015. Despite the fact that you have to pay to use WhatsApp to your iPhone or Android device, the company decided to make the web version for free WhatsApp. This means that you don’t have to pay to use WhatsApp on your PC. When you don’t like the version of the official browser, which one can understand, it is possible to download WhatsApp to PC through the use of programs like Bluestacks.

Can I use WhatsApp on several devices at the same time?

No, it is not possible to use WhatsApp on several devices at the same time. You have to choose what device you want to use your phone number on WhatsApp. Of course, is allowed to change at any time. If you want to use web WhatsApp and WhatsApp on his mobile phone at the same time, we recommend you to get two different phone numbers.

Can I use WhatsApp on my Tablet (iPad)?

In order to be able to use WhatsApp Web, you must have the Google Chrome browser. Since you are able to install Chrome on your iPad or any other Tablet Android, you can use WhatsApp your tablet using Web WhatsApp. Please note that there may be better options to install WhatsApp in the iPad. Visit our ‘WhatsApp for iPad’ page for more information in this regard.