WhatsApp on the PC

WhatsApp in the PC

WhatsApp – portal Exchange unlimited messages and more with friends no longer is limited to your mobile device or tablets. It is now also available for your PC. WhatsApp made the official announcement of WhatsApp for PC in January this year. Once downloaded and installed, you are ready to use – distance Chat!

Methods to download WhatsApp on PC

In the event that you do not want to use Bluestacks and you are looking for a product highest quality, use YouWave download WhatsApp for PC. This popular software can be obtained from their official site. After that, the launch of the implementation of the browser in the “Menu” and the URL open play.google.com. Search Android WhatsApp application and install it.
How to download WhatsApp in the PC?
WhatsApp in the PC is available for Android and Windows users only. With these who want to try WhatsApp in the PC users to go to the official website to get a QR code. Once it appears, it has to be scanned on the device. The application seems to have many fixes due and the mobile device must be connected to the internet at all times, for the web application to work.

An alternative to the web version of WhatsApp for PC is teh player Android app “Bluestacks”. ” Installation that is not a tedious process. You only have to go to the website and download the program, while the granting of access and permissions to the application’s access to store applications and notifications. After installing Bluestacks, download and install WhatsApp. It will show a message, asking for the Appstore synchronization and application. When you click on “continue” and enter the details of Google account, Bluestacks will get linked to your Google account. Once redirects to Google Play Store, simply download WhatsApp.

What is there to install WhatsApp on the PC?

To enable WhatsApp on PC performance, click on WhatsApp icon, enter your phone number, confirm the number and click on ‘ok’. To your code and phone number for verification, WhatsApp will get activated.