WhatsApp on the PC

WhatsApp in the PC

WhatsApp – portal Exchange unlimited messages and more with friends no longer is limited to your mobile device or tablets. It is now also available for your PC. WhatsApp made the official announcement of WhatsApp for PC in January this year. Once downloaded and installed, you are ready to use – distance Chat!

Methods to download WhatsApp on PC

In the event that you do not want to use Bluestacks and you are looking for a product highest quality, use YouWave download WhatsApp for PC. This popular software can be obtained from their official site. After that, the launch of the implementation of the browser in the “Menu” and the URL open play.google.com. Search Android WhatsApp application and install it.
How to download WhatsApp in the PC?
WhatsApp in the PC is available for Android and Windows users only. With these who want to try WhatsApp in the PC users to go to the official website to get a QR code. Once it appears, it has to be scanned on the device. The application seems to have many fixes due and the mobile device must be connected to the internet at all times, for the web application to work.

An alternative to the web version of WhatsApp for PC is teh player Android app “Bluestacks”. ” Installation that is not a tedious process. You only have to go to the website and download the program, while the granting of access and permissions to the application’s access to store applications and notifications. After installing Bluestacks, download and install WhatsApp. It will show a message, asking for the Appstore synchronization and application. When you click on “continue” and enter the details of Google account, Bluestacks will get linked to your Google account. Once redirects to Google Play Store, simply download WhatsApp.

What is there to install WhatsApp on the PC?

To enable WhatsApp on PC performance, click on WhatsApp icon, enter your phone number, confirm the number and click on ‘ok’. To your code and phone number for verification, WhatsApp will get activated.

Download WhatsApp on your PC

Download WhatsApp on your PC

Here is an article that explains step by step how you can download and then install WhatsApp on the PC so that you can use it as in the phone. The application is referred to as  that only works in Smartphones and can only be installed on them. However, to be so busy and used, the fact of be able to include it in our pc gives us several things. Don’t forget that in order to perform the following installation you need already have an account on Whatsapp from your Smartphone. It is the only way to be able to activate it and to be able to count on the service. If we need or if the number to activate and from there begin the download and install on your PC.  recalls that you also need a Google account.

Download WhatsApp on the PC

The operation that is then displayed not only serves in order to install WhatsApp on the PC, but it also serves in order to be able to install any other application of the Android operating system. Already that we will have to do is download a program that allows us to simulate being on a device running Android, and from which we can use the PC from any application as in Smartphones and tablet.

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The important thing now is click on the button that appears to us with the name of 1-Click Sync. From the click we will deploy a screen that will serve us to be able to configure the Android system. Then, by tapping the button next, we will find ourselves with a configuration wizard.

What we are going to do at that moment is to configure the Google account, that recalls because you’d be previously. Only you will be prompted for your username and password to begin. Continue to the next screen to advance. Once the program is processed we will list our account, and we will have to go toward the bottom button, which tells us the option to complete the installation.

From this moment the system starts to synchronize your Google account in order for us to use the new operating system. We are already almost closer to reach the download WhatsApp.

Don’t be surprised if returns to ask you your username and password of Google, this time to access the system. If we already have devices using the same Google account will ask us to choose which one to use in order to use this same configuration. After electing him, touched the button of “done” and then “finish” to complete the operation.

Download WhatsApp on your PC BlueStacks
Download WhatsApp on your PC BlueStacks

We are then deployed a similar screen but in it we will have to go to the button of Lets Go, and from the search for the application: “Whatsapp and Blackberry Messenger” .  Google Play we will display a warning message, but only we give continue to proceed.

Will aparecernos the login window, and here you have to be careful: you try to search for “Whatssapp for Android “ and once you’re done, click on where it says install. The program will redirect us toward Google Play to be able to download it . There as on any Smartphone we searched for it and weave. The system will only install it. However, we ask you here our mobile number, and proceed as you downloaded it for the first time on your phone: you will be prompted for the number to then be able to certify it. Remember to have good connection at that time to bring you the message which gives you a code to be able to fit and finish installing the application.

If the code is correct the operation completed entering the WhatsApp as you did in your Smartphone. Although sync name your profile picture and a state to begin to chat with all your contacts.

While it is quite a long process will give us great satisfaction. In this way will not lack that we lose sight of a good conversation because the phone we left without battery, only we entered from the PC and continue chatting. Those who suffer from the view, will be even more grateful to be able to enjoy the talks with a larger font.

If you wish, you can also download other Android applications, from games, to movies, and books to have on your PC the same as you enjoy from your smart phone.