Install whatsapp web

Install whatsapp web

 Install whatsapp web

What Sapp has launched a service called WhatsApp desktop Web, so that you can count on the system in a PC or a notebook. WhatsApp Web can be used only by scanning a QR code with your phone for which this is connect. Such a form of communication keeps messages on your mobile device, but the difference is that now may be shared with your computer.
WhatsApp web site is very easy to configure and use. For this you have to download Chrome (PC/Mac) and the latest version of WhatsApp. Then you must visit within Chrome; immediately you should see a QR code on the screen. There is a check box to maintain the session. On your phone, start the application WhatsApp and press on the menu button. You will see an option called WhatsApp Web. Touch there and a QR code reader will appear on the screen. Scan the QR code that appears in Chrome, and… that’S it!

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Another way: How to install WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp PC is today the messaging service of the world most widely used. However, WhatsApp is limited to smart phones and cannot be used in most of the tablets and computers. Some tablets 3G Android allow you to make phone calls but they are the only devices that can use WhatsApp by now. The iPad and iPod, despite the fact that have slots for 3G SIM cards for Internet, cannot have WhatsApp work due to incompatibility with the device to
install WhatsApp and have it work actively on your PC or notebook computer, it is necessary to download BlueStacks, a player application for Android. This software is no more than an Android emulator for Windows or Mac operating system.
We are going to give two different ways to install Whatsapp on a different device to the cell phone.


Method 1 : Download and install PC BlueStacks WhatsApp in

Step 1: Download BlueStack (application for Windows, which simulates  a Android system in Windows or Linux)
Step 2: Double-click the downloaded file, click Continue and then install
Step 3: Now download WhatsApp APK (File You’re WhatsApp APK)
Step4: Double-click the downloaded file, WhatsApp APK.
Step 5: WhatsApp will be installed in your PC.
Step 6: Now open BlueStacks (click on the BlueStacks icon that is on the desktop.)
Step7: In BlueStacks, click on “My applications.”
Step 8: Be Displayed WhatsApp. Click the
Step 9:Accept Terms and Conditions.
Step 10: Type your mobile number in the field.
Note: first, write your country code (such as 54 for Argentina) and then your mobile number.
Step 11: WhatsApp will attempt to verify your number Step
12: Click “Call Me”. You will receive an automatic call with a confirmation number; note that number Step
13: Now type the number received as verification.


Download WhatsApp on your PC BlueStacks
Download WhatsApp on your PC BlueStacks

Method 2 : Download Whatsapp on the PC using Wassapp. Follow the following steps: Wassapp is a client of Whatsapp unofficial and works as the Android emulator on Windows with OS PC. In the second method, we are going to use to install Wassapp Whatsapp PC in the

Step 1: Download and install Wassapp
Step 2: After installation, open Wassapp and identify yourself using the name and the password of Whatsapp.
Step 3: Click the Register button
Step 4: Please provide your phone number and password Note
: For an Android phone, the password will be equal to its IMEI number. You can find the IMEI number on the back of your Android device underneath the battery or by typing the code: * # 06#
Step 5: Now select the mode of verification, either by SMS or phone call and press request code
Step6: Now if you have selected SMS and you will receive an SMS with a code Wassapp and if you have selected phone call then you will receive a computerized call with unique code  , write it down –
Step7: Put the code received by SMS or phone call in the customer Wassapp and now you get a password generated by a computer and you can use the login password.