How Like download WhatsApp on my smartphone

How to download WhatsApp Smartphone

WhatsApp is the most famous application of mobile messaging that has tamed all users of theiradvantages and features. Available for all Smartphones such as Blackberry, Nokia, Android andiPhones, is very easy to download. If one finds difficulties to download it, a series of tutorials areavailable on you tube for guidance. In addition, a series of forums for support and the user’s Guide onWhatsApp make it easy for everyone.

Ways to download WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be downloaded easily on the mobile one, following some basic steps. For Androidusers, which is available in the Google game or the play store, for iPhone users in the portal iTunes,for users of BlackBerry App world and so on and so on. It is important to know that type of phonesupports download WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp on Android

Let’s take the example of an Android phone. To begin, open Google Play in the device and search for’WhatsApp’. A list of applications. Click on WhatsApp Messenger and click on the Setup for downloadand installation to start. WhatsApp so that it works correctly, requires access to the networkcommunication, the location, the phone storage and other files. Grant the permission and click ‘ OK ‘to continue mild shock.

How to install WhatsApp

WhatsApp takes just a few minutes to install. Once fact this, you will be asked your phone number. Fillthat, together with your name and the current location information. A verification-SMS is sent to thedevice to activate the application. If not you can send, a verification call be held in place withindications of code. Once the digit-encoded are introduced into the device, WhatsApp will beavailable to run.

It is important to make sure that their friends have the same application, so that the contacts aresynchronized with WhatsApp. WhatsApp icon will appear on the home screen or in the Favoritessection. It is now completely downloaded, installed and ready to use…


Guide to download and install step by step

Step OneWe seek the implementation of Whatsapp in our shop of Google Play or App Store from the search bar and we read the official application.
Step TwoPress the button "Install" and then "accept" the permissions that requests Whatsapp that requires to run in our cell. It is recommended to perform this process with a Wifi connection, not to consume our data or megs.
Step ThreeAt the end of the download and installation of the application, we will show the button "open" and press to run our whatsapp.
Step fourWe will display a window of "Welcome to Whatsapp" and we will have to accept the terms of service to continue setting up our account Whatsapp.
Step FiveThe most important step, we need to check our phone number, enter your number with the extension of their country, to continue press "Next". Shortly we will reach a text message with a code of 6 digits that we should go by placing, for verification.
Step SixTo finish with the download and installation of our Whatsapp, we type our name in the profile area, we can also place a photo. As well as if you do not have any can be placed then.