WhatsApp is now free of lifelong

Do you carry years using WhatsApp?, the truth is that as we know this application has taken so much popularity that millions of users around the world, now communicate directly in this application. In addition to that developed on a different platform to chat to every moment, only to have aconnection to the internet and that is that it is now a favorite. Because now, great news, WhatsApp will be free of lifetime and this has been confirmed from yesterday and just a few hours ago, they began to send a series of messages, where showed us that as of this moment the application would be available of life and this would make it free.

WhatsApp is Now Free For Lifetime

Likewise, we must point out that many users had renewed WhatsApp well as you know, previouslyhad to pay an annuity of 99 cents, and you offered us various forms of payment, such as credit card or PayPal. However, now all this has disappeared and that is that many users complained but apparentlythere will be no refunds for users who just renewed.

WhatsApp message free of lifelong

Each year as mentioned above, we had to renew but now with the news that from this moment on WhatsApp will be free, I want to tell you that many users believe that this is false. The truth is thatfrom now on, it will be free and you should have no problems with respect to this message so thatyou can communicate without the need to be paying for something more forward.
From now on, you no longer have to go through the concerns that you may have to renew or get away to pay for it, it is then that from now on, only what you should do is to enjoy all the advantagesthat gives us to communicate on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, would now use advertising to keep up?

The truth is that everything seems to indicate that Yes, this will be a great help so they can keepoperating, although it is an open secret, this has not been confirmed. Another point to note is that fornow the directors of WhastApp have pointed out that they do not seek to replace the payment in Exchange for sponsorship that we know is a way to remain free applications.

Another thing that should be noted is that it is now likely that airlines, banks, insurance companies,just to mention some of these companies may contact you directly in your WhastApp profile, something that hasn’t happened yet, but it seems to be a reality.
Don’t be fooled, if you say that WhatsApp is now free, don’t let others try to deceive you or thosewho try to send strings where say you have to send messages that WhatsApp changes colour and befree. Is it is one of the best news of recent times and it is not for nothing, but become the substitute of the SMS.