What’s the Whatsapp Application and how that works

How WhatsApp works on our cellphones

One word or two words, that is not important; what really matters is you have one of the most used apps in the world to send messages using the internet in your phone and avoiding paying extra for something you can have for free. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users around the world and the keep in contact with each other as if they were in the same room

WhatsApp offers a very stable platform with which you can count on any moment to talk your friends and relatives and also offers the possibility of making high quality calls to other WhatsApp users using the data plan of your phone or even Wi-Fi. The opportunities to share on WhatsApp are a lot in order to make feel the other person you are there with them.

What’s the WhatsApp application?

Whats app Whatsapp
Whats app Whatsapp


With this cross platform messaging app, you can make calls, send messages between WhatsApp users, videos, images, voice memos, files, documents, geolocations and more. WhatsApp is the perfect app to keep in touch with the people you really care about. Or if you are the social type of people, you can have one group conversation with all the people you want.

WhatsApp has been in the app market for almost 10 years by now and little by little has been changing the way we communicate making it more effective and widening our capabilities to get our message further and further.

What’s WhatsApp app for PC and iOS?

There are different ways you can access WhatsApp, not only from your phone, although this is the main one. If you don’t have WhatsApp installed on your phone you won’t be able to access using other ways.

You can access your WhatsApp from the web using “WhatsApp Web” and from the computer as well. This is great if you don’t want to be changing between your pc and your phone, or if it charging. Both WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop will mirror what is happening in your phone, so what you will see on the screen of your pc will be the same you will see on your phone.

How WhatsApp works on our cellphones

Downloading WhatsApp is very easy. Just by following these steps you will be in touch with people you see every day and with those you don’t see very often as well.

  1. Get your android device and unlock it.
  2. Tap the main menu button and search for Google Play. The icon looks similar to this one .
  3. On the search box write WhatsApp and then hit the magnifier icon. Something alike to this .
  4. From all the options you got, select the speech bubble with the green phone inside, like this .
  5. Now tap on the install button. It looks similar to this one.
  6. You will need to wait until it is completely installed
  7. The install button now has turned into a “open” button.
  8. WhatsApp is now open and you need to agree terms and conditions. Tap on agree and continue.
  9. Dial your phone number. WhatsApp will send you a SMS as a confirmation of your phone number. You don’t need to open that SMS; the system will do it for you.
  10. Make sure it is ok and tap on “OK”
  11. Type your name and then, click next. In this same step you can change or add a new profile picture that is what people will see when you text them. This information you can change any time in the future.
  12. Click continue and now you can start enjoying of sending and receiving messages on your device.