Called WhatsApp

Called WhatsApp

Called WhatsApp, as its name suggests, represents the function “voice calls ‘ whatsapp.” The service that has been introduced lately has taken WhatsApp population by storm! Function was introduced for the benefit of existing levels of WhatsApp to offer a more privileged talk about calls. This much-anticipated service has been launched in phases, first for Android users and little due to iPhone users.
Why it took so long for WhatsApp call to roll out?

Although the plan to launch voice calls was made itself last year by the CEO of WhatsApp Jan Koum, which had been delayed until the first quarter of this year. This was due to a mode integrated scale is sought and the team worked on the realization of call quality and access to the most remote of areas with access 2 G.

How WhatsApp work called?

The latest version of WhatsApp 12.02.12 must be downloaded from the company’s web site. Once updated, ‘three icons’ feature is activated and calls can be. However, many Android users have attempted a rather simple technique. When you receive a call from someone with the new version, the phone’s receiver is installed automatically and allows WhatsApp voice calling. The main process flow is as follows:
Download version 2.12.12 (WhatsApp for Android) – make a call to someone with the same version – activate your voice calling – the call (if at the end of the receiver) – enjoy free calls!

Be WhatsApp will cost money in the future?

Introduced as a free service so far, he is not charged by WhatsApp so far, but it depends on the internet plan. Works with any of these online – data, Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Three tab design has icons that show calls, chats and contacts. The claims include records of calls with the time and duration of the missed, received and dialled. Compared to many other applications used to call like Skype, Line, Viber etc., called WhatsApp stays strong!