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Whatsapp Application

Install WhatsApp Application

Install WhatsApp App
Install WhatsApp App

If it’s talking about the social networking or messaging applications let me tell you that they have become one of the best alternatives in order to be in contact with each of our amig@s, couple, family and coworkers. How to know use WhatsApp website is a reality, as millions of users around the world use this application to be able to communicate quickly and not have problems when spending much money with mobile rates. On this occasion, we want to talk to you about install WhatsApp application, because not all users know how to install and make maximum use of what makes this application.

I want to say that for the vast majority of mobile devices today, what they do is that you can install WhatsApp application without any kind of complications. This causes may have a wide variety of users around the world, trying to communicate thanks to this application. Today we will give you the basic steps of how to do it and if you have doubts with the operating systems and application, also will give you a little guide on how to do so that you don’t have problems and uses the most everything that makes this application.

How to install WhatsApp application step by step?

Basically this can do so directly from the brand of your app store mobile device, for example, App store or Google Play. You should not have it, later on, we will tell you that another type of options you can use. Meanwhile you can find the application from the search bar, although it is likely to come out between the basic options you need to use your phone.

Another point important to mention is that you need to verify that it is the official whatsapp application, since currently many users have caused out false applications and you can commit your user data, as well as personal information. Generally, you will find it a “Dove” or stick that tells us that it is the correct application.

Then, you have to press “Download” and although the process may take, will have to wait up to 2 minutes, everything will depend on the speed you have on your internet. Also, don’t forget that you you must accept the terms and conditions of this application so thanks to all of this, is that you can continue the installation without problems.

The process to end it is immediate and only will you register a WhtasApp account so after all this, is that you can use it in a matter of moments.

Install WhatsApp for Android application

Androidd is one of the fastest ways that can install WhatsApp application, however, in this case it is important to mention that you will need to have Android 2.3 as well as later versions. Since last update WhatsApp, cease to be compatible in older versions such as Android 2.1 and 2.2.

Since you have this clear, remember that you have to have an account of Google Play so that you can download directly from the computer or store official whatsapp, since we will send to this market.

Since you found it, you have to press the button “Download” to leave immediately after this, a box where talks about accepting the terms and conditions of the application, this is optional reading but you have to accept it compulsory, otherwise do not you can install.

Conclusion, you will list this application, I want to tell you that your approximate installation process for WhatsApp for Android, is 1 minute. But everything will depend on the internet speed you have.

Download and install WhatsApp application for iPhone

In the case of iOS or better known as the operating system from an iPhone, you will have to download it directly from the device, as well as an account of App Store or iTunes for that after all this, is that you won’t have any kind of complications so that you can install it.

Usually appears in the most blatant applications but you can also find WhatsApp Messenger for that at the time of this, is that you begin to install without problems.

There are cases where you have to accept the terms and conditions, in addition to placing your password or fingerprint so that you can download directly from this store. Remember that you need a stable internet connection so you will not have problems on its setup process.

Once all this, only we will be registering an account with a mobile number valid and which take advantage of to the maximum, all that makes this application of messaging.

Install application WhatsApp APK

This is for users who do not have an official Android version, in case that you have this problem, I invite you to know the easiest way to install it in a few minutes.

Likewise, I want to tell you that you can find unofficial shop where you can install the APK format. However, the most common is having to be sought from any app store. APK that we find in the network.

So you will have to download the file quickly and then you will have to save it on your mobile device so that you can continue with the installation. In this case, you will have to wait for it to finish install so that then you can create your profile says. I remind you that in the event that you wish to install WhatsApp in Tablet, you must have an available mobile number so that you receive the activation code for this application.

Like installing WhatsApp in the PC

Like installing WhatsApp in the PC

In this article will explain step to step as we have to install and can use WhatsApp in our PC, an application which know  that only works in the Smartphone and only can be installed in these, nevertheless, stop can realize the mentioned installation will have to have a mobile telephone, for like this can actuate it and can have this service, does not have importance if the cellular is of low range or a Smartphone , only will use it to actuate it with a number and afterwards will begin with the installation, also will need to have an account of Google.

It fits to highlight that with these steps not only will be able to attain install WhatsApp in our PC, but that also will be able to install any application that find  in Android, since we will download a program which will serve us like a species of emulator for Android, which will serve to use our PC as if it was a device Android.

Like installing WhatsApp in the PC
Like installing WhatsApp in the PC

Installing WhatsApp in our PC

  • The first step is to go in to the page web of Bluestacks, and download a program that they cater, this find available so much for Windows and for Mac, selected the most appropriate download for our operating system and downloaded it.
  • After having downloaded this program, looked for the installation in our folder of downloaded and executed it
  • Afterwards we give him to following, afterwards will see three cotejos, marked the three and give him to the button that says “install” that you find in the right inferior part.
  • After having him given to “install” this program began to install in our computer.
  • We will have to expect to that it finish to install in our computer, the process did not take more than 10 minutes.
  • Afterwards that it have completed the installation of this program this executed of automatic form and began to load.
  • After this will observe an interface in which will be able to observe some already installed applications with which comes the program by defect.
  • Now we have to give him click to the button that says “1-Click Sync”, afterwards will appear us a screen of configuration in which will configure this application of the correct form and will give him to following.
  • After having him given to following will appear us an assistant of configuration that helped us to configure our account of Google with this program, began to synchronize it, so we will give him click to following in the black screen that appears us.
  • After this will see the option to create an account in Google or initiate session if already had an account in Google, have to choose the option to initiate session if already have created an account in Google.
  • After this will have to place our name of user and our password of the account of Google.
  • After having entered of correct form our electronic post and our password, will say us that everything has been done properly and will have to give him click to the button that is in the inferior part right in which says “Finalize installation”.
  • Afterwards we will see the window that observed previously, now will ask us give click to following to begin to synchronize ours have our account of Google.
  • When it appears simply have to give him click to continue so that our accounts of Google can synchronize.
  • They will ask us our electronic post and our password and again write them and give him click to the button that says to access, afterwards lasted loading some moments, after it load, if we have had devices Android before configured in our account of Google will ask us that we choose one of these to take the configuration that contains this device, chose one and give him click to “Done” and afterwards to “Finish”.
  • Afterwards this same window that saw previously will appear again.
  • We will have to give click in where says “Lets go” and now will have to look for the WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger.
  • After this will appear a message of Google Play, give him click to continue.
  • After this will see the screen of start, will have to look for the term “WhatsApp for Android”, once that we find it give him click to install.
  • This sent us to Google Play to download it, will have to download it and afterwards install it.
  • After this will see the window to install WhatsApp and accepted and continued.
  • Afterwards it will ask us our mobile number as well as also our country, filled our information and give click in OK.
  • Now it verified our number mobile, sent us a code which is the one who will have to place and smart.
  • Already we will have WhatsApp installed in our PC, now only have to configure it placing our photo of profile our information to begin to use it.

The process is a bit long but have to take into account that it will be a big helps to have installed WhatsApp in our PC, especially if our mobile remain without battery.


Like installing WhatsApp in the PC
Like installing WhatsApp in the PC