Install Whatsapp New Version

Main reasons why you have to install whatsapp new version

Currently, Whatsapp is one of the top messaging applications in the whole world. The reasons for this fact are many and varied. The app is free, intuitive and very simple to use. It offers us a unique service of communicating with other Whatsapp users. Without needing any further files, plans or gimmicks. Just connect to the Internet, download and start. It also has many interesting functions and features that are constantly being updated to improve the service we get and use. These are some of the reasons to install whatsapp new version.


Download Whatsapp
Download Whatsapp


But there is another one to consider updating the app to its new version without further thinking. When we discuss about the world of apps and their inner works, we have to consider the fact that there is always room for perfection. There are many features and functions that must be improved. And others can be updated to freshen them up. Additionally, most of these features are new. They will appear in a new version of the app with the intention of offering a better service to the users. In the case of Whatsapp they all apply as reasons why we should install whatsapp new version on our phones.

One of the many new features that the designers are including in this new version is the possibility of watching the videos. The ones we receive via streaming mode. The rationale behind this new possibility is to have an app even more useful for us users regarding time and space.

Install whatsapp new version and save time and space

When we receive a video from any of our contacts in Whatsapp, we must download it first in order to watch it. This download is very time consuming. Because it depends on the Internet connection speed of our phone. If luckily this download turns to be quick, there is still the issue of the amount of space the video occupies in the internal storage of our device. If we are in a group of over 50 participants and each one of them sends a video almost daily, the storage of our phone will be full and out of space by the end of the day.


Install whatsapp
Install whatsapp


That will force us to delete any Whatsapp media folder more often than we wanted it to in order to accommodate these videos. This might also jeopardize the stay of the precious media resting on our phone’s memory. Let us not forget the amount of time we would be spending deleting and deciding what to delete. Instead of enjoying our time with the app in a more fun way.

The new feature of video streaming allows us to watch the videos we have just received. Without suffering all the complications of the past. This allows us to determine whether the video is worth downloading right away, without spending any further time and space.\

Whatsapp has again made our lives more bearable and easier regarding the use of this novel and revolutionary app. It gave us another reason why we should install whatsapp new version without ever thinking twice.