How to install the new Whatsapp Business app

If you have a smartphone, we bet you already got Whatsapp installed. This is a modern and free communication method that unite people around world. The easy way to use it and its effectiveness in the delivery messages, pictures, voice notes and more, has made Whatsapp one of the most downloaded and used applications in any time.

Now we got Whatsapp business, a new and totally different application from the original. It is especially created for people who runs a small business. This app will help a business company to interact in an easy efficient way with the customers by just using its features and tools like automatically and quickly respond messages.

This application is it now available for free for Android and iOS mobiles. Also, industry experts announced Whatsapp Business will be nominated very soon as the best businesses media communication channel par excellence.

Whatsapp Business allows, among other things, to improve communications and the transmission of information between clients and the company, although it can also be used as an internal communication channel in companies.

It is about facilitating at first communication, but also so many other processes that often result in losses of potential customers due to disagreements, misunderstandings, or lack of information between both parties.

Getting started with Whatsapp Business?

  1. From your Android or iPhone go to the app store and download Whatsapp Business.
  2. Once installed, open the app, and now get done with the regular setting up of the app by entering your number, verifying the OTP and after that, the app will ask if you want to restore a backup.
  3. Go ahead with the backup restoring, and what you will see is totally different than what you usually see while setting up Whatsapp.
  4. On the Create your profile page, enter your name and select a category of your business.
  5. Once done, hit the Next button a finally you will se the home screen of the Whatsapp Business.

The first thing the app will ask you is to describe your business. We recommend going ahead and tap on describe your business (enter your business address, a description and after that, enter the business ARS).

Also, over here you get the option to schedule your work timing, you can either be open for 24 hours on week days or you can set that to by appointment only. You can even set specific work hours and once this is sorted, enter your email and a website if you have one.

Once you are settled, now you can check your business profile with all your details including, everything will be right there. All this information will be reflected on the screen whenever a customer checks out your profile.

Benefits of using Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business have good features to look out for, for example:

  • Away Message

If you go to Settings and select Business Settings, you’ll find messaging tools like Send Away Message. This feature is for the times you are not around will automatically reply with a message.

 You can schedule the timings of your away message and also edit the recipients for the same.

  • Greeting Message

Setting up this feature will automatically greet customers whenever they send you a message. Again, you can edit your greeting and select the recipients for the same as well.

  • Quick replies

The quick replies whenever in chat you want to reply quickly to frequently asked questions, you can simply set shortcuts of your choice. Now, before replying when you write the (/) button you will see a pop up list with quick replies you can quickly send.

  • Short link

Under the Business Settings, there is a Short Link feature as well, this will allow you to access a shot URL to share with your customers so that they can start a Whatsapp chat with you.

How do customers access to your Whatsapp Business account?

One key factor of Whatsapp Business is that customers, in order to find companies, do not have to download any other app at all.

The client or Whatsapp user, using the own personal account, adds the phone number of the company to the contact list of the phone as if it were a normal person. After that, the contact is enlisted, and a real-time conversation will begin.

Bear in mind that there is not an official way to promote the verification of your company on Whatsapp Business, at least for now. However, Whatsapp has announced that it will place special emphasis on the verification of the official accounts of the companies in order to minimize the probable occurrence of false accounts.

As we said before, Whatsapp Business will have the ability to schedule quick responses through keyboard shortcuts, we can automate responses to specific actions that users do, such as greetings, farewells or thank you messages, among others.

However, this app will allow users to disable account notifications from those who do not want to receive messages, and vice versa.


Finally, Whatsapp allows one mobile number to be linked to one Whatsapp account, what this means is that if your current phone number is already being used by a Whatsapp, it means you ca’t use that phone number for a Whatsapp business account.

So, we suggest that you go out and get yourself another SIM card and a new phone to run Whatsapp business, unless you have a dual SIM device.

Also, Whatsapp business supports Whatsapp web so you can manage the service online through the computer. The feature is not on the same level as its mobile counterpart, but we expect it will get better in the near future.

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