Having trouble downloading and reinstall WhatsApp?

Sometimes when there comes a problem with the way your WhatsApp is working at the moment, and the only solution you have might be to remove this app from your device, and then download it and reinstall it, but some people have certain problems when they try to download and reinstall this.

This problem can be happening either for the problem that caused the reason as to why you decided to delete the app, or there are other factors that can be affecting this. So what we are going to do is list some of the most common problems and how to fix them.


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Having trouble downloading and reinstall WhatsApp

Can’t install the app Whatsapp

If when trying to reinstall the app, you have been trying to download it again from the official WhatsApp platform website but for some reason the download won’t even start. The reason why this might be happening is because most of the smartphones where you can do this, the security options have a tab called ‘unknown sources’ where you have to activate it if you want to download anything that is not in the store app.

To be able to resolve this, there are two things you can do, either activate the ‘unknown sources’ option to be able to download anything from the browser, and the other option is to download the application from the store platform that you have on your smartphone.

The download doesn’t finish

If you are trying to download the WhatsApp application, and everything seems working the way it should, but for some reason the app will not finished downloading this could be because the app was not successfully removed the first time that you deleted it, so what you have to do is go to the settings, than press on the tab that says general and find the app manager there make sure you find the app and remove it.

After successfully removing it you will be able to download it completely. Before you try to download it again, try and turn off the phone and then turn it on, and after that you can start the download again and see if it works this time.

Whatsapp New Version

Version of WhatsApp

Another reason why the reinstall of WhatsApp is not working might be because the new version of the phone that you have. You can check what Android version your phone is running at the moment if you go to the settings and then click on the tab that says ‘About Phone’.

So the reason why the download will not work is because you have a lower version than the one needed to download WhatsApp on your phone, so if you can make sure to download a newer version of the operating system in your phone, and after doing that you can download the app without any kind of problem. But you if can’t download the new version try and look in the official page for a version that matches your own, so this way you will be able to download and reinstall the app in the end.

Having trouble downloading and reinstall WhatsApp?