Install WhatsApp on your mobile

Install WhatsApp on your mobile

As well as we can talk with our friends through a variety of mobile applications that have been created by social networks like Twitter and Facebook, we can also do so through specific applications for mobile phones.

These applications for mobile phones enable us to share photos, videos and messages in real time, one of the most well-known and popular is WhatsApp. It is very simple use, why in this article we will talk about how to install WhatsApp on your mobile and also give some scope on how to maximize this application:

Install Whatsapp Messenger

Install Whatsapp Messenger

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp itself is an application of mobile instant messaging by which we can send text messages to other mobile phones. The interesting thing about this system is that messages are sent as data, hence the phone company we wouldn’t be able to charge as text messages .

We must have a data plan, this means that we must have an amount of data that we can use each month (this was in the case of a mobile phone prepaid), or connect to a WIFI network for our mobile can make use of it.

The last option also gives us the facility to send text messages without pay. Since the telephone companies do not charge for data transmitted over WiFi, the messages of WhatsApp will not charged.

How do I install WhatsApp?

The easiest way to install WhatsApp is by downloading it from the same web page d WhatsApp. Access to this address from your mobile and download one of the versions that correspond to your mobile phone.

We must bear in mind that WhatsApp is available for phones running Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Iphone, and some models of Nokia. In a nutshell, is available for mobile smartphone,so if you are not in a phone of this range you couldn’t use or install WhatsApp.

Once you have selected  the appropriate version for your mobile phone , WhatsApp will send you to the download page. For example, if you have selected the option for Iphone from your PC, the web page of WhatsApp will open the ITunes program so that the application can be downloaded to your computer and then install it. Another way to install it also would be looking for the application in the mobile store of our phone.

Once you have installed WhatsApp, we must open it and configure it according to indicate to us the same application.

Invite your friends

A point to keep in mind is that in order to be able to chat with your friends by WhatsApp, they must also have installed the application.This is because the videos, photos, and messages that are sent will be sent from the WhatsApp WhatsApp to the application of our friends. For this reason we suggest to use WhatsApp.

Chat with your friends

When you and your friends have WhatsApp installed, you can start chatting. From the messages screen that displays WhatsApp we must enter the telephone number of the contact you want to talk. OR also, search for it within our contacts we have in our mobile.

If our contacts are already using WhatsApp, the application automatically detect the contacts that already have the application and we will mention this in a special section. Now, the only thing that would be left to be done is to converse with them and share information. You can send videos and photos, which is a good option to send pictures if we have some friends who don’t have an account on Facebook or Instagram.

WhatsApp charges around $1 per annum, which makes it extremely accessible for any class of person. This without detracting from the simple and useful that is this application, especially to be able to communicate in real time with our friends and family.


Whatsapp for Mac

Download WhatsApp for MAC

We found with a great amount of options on applications of messaging mobile and the great majority only are available for smartphones. An of them applications more discharged of the time and that to the same time have taken much strength, is directly using WhatsApp in your PC, in this case us go focus, on the option of WhatsApp for MAC, since is is available for this computer and it best of all is that will be connected without any class of problems and in different platforms. Recalls that need to have a Smartphone that you allow send and receive messages, by that is that us keeps connected from different platforms. So lends much attention, will know all about install WhatsApp for MAC, in addition to you will present all on what us provides.

Install WhatsApp in MAC free

Before install it in your MAC, need have in has that is requires the system operating MAC OS X 10.9 as its update main and later of this is that is it version minimum with with regard to this system. Another point to note is that thanks to the MAC version is one of the most complete and account as if it were the most complete application. Another point for noted is that the version of WhatsApp for MAC, so thanks to this type of options, not can let of know it and install it in your computer Apple.

Is important have in has that can talk each one of your contacts, in addition to counting with a connection to internet stable, is as you will keep connected @ and without the need of be with your device mobile close. Even, is much more complete that the version WEB, so with this, is that will be important that know very well on as download it and install it on our equipment mobile and that not let of use it.

Download WhatsApp in MAC step by step

Download WhatsApp for MAC you can directly from the official website of WhatsApp to find it available from your web platform. Takes in has that you can do with the browser SAFARI or Google Chrome, so this will be to your choice. At the time of entering the portal, will appear US Download WhatsApp Mac options where by pressing this button a button will appear to us to be able to download the file with this application, this is immediate, just remember to be connected to the internet.

Finally have that run the application and is will begin to install is, us will ask that add our data of users and as well as in the version web, will have that scan the code QR should already have a has active and is can link with it of your device mobile, so not it can leave of have in has. The download and installation are immediate and by that is that today is the best way of communicate us with our beings dear and completely free.


Otro punto para señalar es que la versión de WhatsApp para MAC, así que gracias a este tipo de opciones, no puedes dejar de conocerla e instalarla en tu ordenador Apple.


WhatsApp video


Communicate with your friends from WhatsApp, it is some of the most widely used among millions of users around the world, the best thing of all is that with only having a connection to the Internet, you can contact with these people in a matter of seconds. Gradually have emerged new updates that are very interesting and complete so that it application WhatsApp follow being, the number one to talk with our contacts. After many rumors, finally is confirmed that the video calls free WhatsApp are a reality and if still not know as do it, you will explain step by step as perform this update to have a new option to the use this Messenger.

WhatsApp Free video calls Android


whatsapp video call

Whatsapp Video Call

WhatsApp for Android update brings video calls with other contacts mode. Is must have in has that the installation can make it in question of seconds, will have that direct you to Google Play, where later in the paragraph of “updates”, us will be shown WhatsApp Messenger. By clicking this option, you have to wait a couple of minutes, it is one of the heavier versions and automatically when you open your application will appear the video call option, remember that it is a “camera” icon.

Free WhatsApp video calls iPhone

The update that contains this complement of video calls, has a weight of 190.2 MB, it can download directly in App Store = > updates and press the button “update”. Is necessary take in account that will need the system operating IOS 8.0 as well as the updates recent of this system. Basically supports from iPhone 5 and later devices. Note: is have detected some errors with the update, is likely that during the process is canceled, it more suitable will be restart the device iPhone for after trying to update from it store of applications, this will be immediate.

Video calling free WhatsApp Windows Phone

If you have a Windows Lumia or some device mobile with Windows, also us allows to update to this new version. Is you can get quickly from the page official of WhatsApp or also from Windows Store. He name assigned to this update is it 2.16.288, is can get in question of seconds, it best of all is that in the case of this device repair them errors that had with the last update that had the addition of them images in format GIF and others errors that were within this application.

For Symbian and BlackBerry devices, did not arise an update to be able to make video calls, takes into account that the most appropriate is to have devices current and mid-range with front-facing camera so you can use it without any kind of problems. So be sure to consider that for now there is no news about your upgrade, is expected that other changes on upgrade of video calls WhatsApp, reach remember these are free directly in a wifi internet connection, if you use data plan, it will depend on your provider.